Time for a Change

If I made a list of all of the things I hated about life, change would be at the very top. Or at least somewhere up there. I HATE CHANGE. I’m the kind of person that thrives off of constants, and loses it when they’re shaken up. Even the smallest of alterations can send me into a state of panic.

Change is good. Change is necessary. If things never changed, they’d never get better. This truth is so obvious, but still so hard to accept. Why can things just stay the same? “Why must I leave my good ole’ comfort zone?!?!” Because comfort zones were meant to be left. 

The hardest thing for me to overcome, is stepping out of what I am familiar with. Even when I know it’s time for a change, I’d rather stick with what I know than to step out into the unknown.

BUT, I’m working on it. I am learning to embrace change, and I’m bringing you along for the journey.
If you’re old to the blog, you probably noticed that the blog has gotten a major facelift! And along with a new look, I have decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction. You’ll still get your dose of mushy Jesus feels, but I am excited to also share with you some fun lifestyle less sappy posts as well. 

This change was long overdue, and I am so happy to be finally figure things out. (Sort of.) I can’t wait to share even MORE of me with! Buckle up, because its about to get wild!

Love always,


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  2. No one likes to leave his comfort zone, sometimes change transforms you to a new person! I had to embrace change several times in my life, and there were times when I was thankful that it took place.

  3. Change always equals growth, I have learned to embrace it now, as I have gone through a lot of changes in the past the few months.

  4. Most of the time I like change but I HATE when I have a plan and it gets messed up and is out of my hands. I go into a panic, too, so I understand what you're saying!

  5. Getting out of your comfort zone is so important!!

  6. CHANGE IS THE WORST. I so feel this.

  7. It’s easy for me to relate to struggling with change because I’m such a control freak. But as I grow in my faith I learn to surrender more and more each day and to search for the beauty in change. I pray this change will bring fruit and favor to your blog and life and to others.