Who Do YOU Say That HE Is?

Identity: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

Who am I? What am I? 

 I’m a twenty-something college girl still trying to figure it all out. My mind changes like the seasons do in Texas, and society doesn’t make that any easier. I’ve found myself in a bit of an identity crisis lately. Okay, so more like a huge identity crisis. I feel lost, stuck, and confused. One year from now, I will graduate from college, and let me tell you, my post-college plans change on the daily. Who am I, and who am I supposed to be?

A couple of days ago, I was driving home, and listening to the song “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor, and go listen to it. (After reading this blogpost of course.) As I jammed out to this song, I thought about all the things God says that I am. I tried really hard to see traits like “chosen” “not forsaken” in myself. Did I deserve to be called such things? Then this question poured over me. Who do you say that I am?

“What do you mean? You’re Jesus. The Son of God. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and end.” I just started throwing all the spiritual things I could think of out there. Honestly, I felt attacked. Why was I being challenged with a question that I for sure knew the answer to? Did I not know who the Lord was? I did, but I had forgotten what that meant for me. You see, the question was no so much about Him, but about me. My identity is found in Him.

Who I say that He is, says a lot about who I say that I am, and better yet who He says that I am.

I am strong.
I am worthy.
I am His.
You are strong.
You are worthy.
You are His.

It’s so easy to want to look to the world for approval. Who do they say that I am? Well, did THEY die for you. Did THEY form you in your mother’s womb? Did THEY speak the world into existence?

We have got to stop putting our worth in the hands of people, and look to the one who as already called us “chosen” “not forsaken”. You are a daughter/son of the King, saved by grace, and nothing less. Let’s not forget that. Let’s not forget who we belong to, and what that means for our lives. We are loved beyond measure. Fearfully and wonderfully made. We are His, and we are who He says we are.

Who the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed
I’m a child of God
Yes I am
In my Father’s house
There’s a place for me
I’m a child of God
Yes I am


  1. I love this message! We are not what people say we are. We are who God says we are.


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