This is Why We Exist.

My heart breaks for our world, and I’m sure yours does too. At least I hope it does.

This is why we exist. For a time such as this.

We do not exist to criticize, condemn, or compare. Our salvation is not meant to be used as a means of ridicule. Our lives were not spared, so that we could live them for ourselves. We were created, knitted in our mothers’ wombs for a time such as this.

So, stop the finger wagging. Get over the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Take the attention of off yourself for a single moment, and do the very thing we were put on this earth to do. 

Stop saying this world needs Jesus, and show them. 
What would Jesus do at a time like this? Would He go around looking for someone to blame? Would he insist that things would be different, had we elected a different president, or passed a different law? Would Jesus go out of his way to add to the hurt, at such a time as this?

I hate to break it to you,  but no politician, party, or congressman could have prevented what happened in Vegas. No law could have changed the condition of that man’s heart. 

Its not a government problem. 
Its not a gun problem. 
Its a not even a religion problem. 
Its a heart problem. The issue is in the heart.

So what difference are we making when we play the blame game? How much progress are we making when we bottle up our salvation, and rub it in people’s face.

You were worth dying for. 
Don’t you know that they were too? Why don’t they know this? They DESERVE TO KNOW THIS.
Why is that an atheist can point out everything we are “against”, but nothing that we are for? 
We cannot allow the face of Christianity to remain ugly. 
We cannot keep truth to ourselves.

Bear your cross. Put Jesus on your back. 
Our world so desperately needs Jesus. Our neighbors need to know that there is more. That Jesus is real, and His grace is sufficient.

This is why we exist. 


  1. My heart is breaking, too. I worry about school shootings daily, and pretty much each time I kiss my kids goodbye.

    1. Its such a scary thing to think about. Thank you for reading!


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